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Description of Project

A set of suspended objects that are combined together at different angles to isometrically express the feeling of a place. The components, whether architectural or a food or a desert or sounds, shape the memory of the place. They are the reminiscent of the experience of that place. The purpose of this work is to revive the whole memories of a trip the place or delivering it to the visitor as a whole unit in a short time.

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0.45 ETH

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0.7333 ETH


About Artist

Mohammad Ali Honardoust Born 1993, a talented graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectue and a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture from the University of Tehran. He founded “” digital magazine as Co-Founder and has been the designer of various projects personally or in collaboration with studios since the year 2013. In years 2017 and 2018, he founded “Hashti Design and Production Company” as Co-Founder and designed and marketed various products in this company. His Academic experiences include teaching at the University of Science and Research (Azad University) and the Rouzbeh Cultural Institute.

The CO-BOY Bench designed by him (in Collabration with Mostafa Arvand), selected in the “SeatPrize” competition and also winning the first place in the competition of the Innovation Center of the University of Tehran is also one of the experiences of participating in the design competitions.

In 2020, he worked as the head of the architecture team at the “Raahro”  studio, and is currently the Lead Designer at the “Artage” Design Studio. He also established his own studio in  2020 under the name of “” with his wife.

  • محمد علی هنردوست
  • متولد آذر 1372
  • ان اف تی آرتیست
  • فارغ التحصیل کارشناسی ارشد معماری داخلی دانشگاه تهران
  • فارغ التحصیل کارشناسی معماری دانشگاه تهران

Mohammad Ali Honardoust

Born in Nov 1993

 NFT Artist and Interior Architect

Graduated as Master of Interior Architecture in University of Tehran

Graduated as Bachelor of Architecture in University of Tehran